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We are proud to present Simply Genius© , The most complete automotive business software in the industry.

Welcome Tire Pros Dealer

For   30   years   we   have   been   providing   the   best   automotive   repair   and   tire   management   software   in   the   industry.      We have   been   an   approved   Tire   Pros   vendor   for   over   17   years   and   respond   to   the   requirements   of   the   successful   Tire Pros   Dealer.         We   are   offer   the   most   features   and   integrated   accounting   in   the   industry   with   on   site   training   and installation.         Please   schedule   a   demostration   today   of   Simply   Genius       by   calling   (888)   Go-Simply   or   contact   us   via the internet by clicking contact us .


Point of Sale

Active Work Orders Service Intervals Quick Vehicle Specific Filter, Oil Capacity, and Viscosity GeniusCat© -vehicle specific electronic multiple part cost and availability within invoice Quotes Schedule Appointments VIN Decoding Add New Vehicle Information by License Electronic Vehicle Inspections Tire Guide Labor Catalog Customer History by Vehicle and/or Customer Fleet Reporting Service Reminder Labels   Unlimited Vehicle by Customer Customer Custom Pricing Price Matrix Add non-stock purchases on the fly onto  active work order with updating accounts payable, and general ledger with single entry. Flexible payment method options including in-house charge. Set Credit Limits, credit holds, restrict payment by check, authorize one time credit purchase and much more. Integrated Credit Card Processing Email and Text Tire Protection Plan BayIQ - My Car Care Rewards fully integration Tire Pros ONE Solution Compatible Contract Sales with tracking and accounting for future reimbursement in current sales period. National Accounts Gift Cards including purchase Attach documents and diagnostic reports to specific work orders for later recall. Electronic Signature Capture 

Inventory Control

Price Matrix Multiple Pricing Levels Out The Tire Pricing With Optional Add-ons. Multiple Part Number Cross Reference Tire Size Search Filter Search results By Additional Criteria Show Tire Distributors Availability and Cost Side by Side Multi-Store Environments Show Stock Side by Side Store to Store Transfers Barcode Scanning and Printing  Purchase Orders Min/Max Restocking Options Many Inventory reports, inventory history, inventory ledger. Automated Share of Accounts reports for Tire Pro Dealers Flexible Pricing based on formula, replacement cost, average cost, last cost, dollar mark up, percentage, or combination. Inventory and Non-Stock separation

Real-Time Part Inquiry and Ordering

Integrated With Most Part Suppliers including Napa, Carquest, O’Reilly, Advance Auto

Tire Supplier Inquiry and Ordering

View Inventory and Supplier Availability in Real-Time Side by Side Option to Place Quick Order Option to See More Item Specification Detail Place Min/Max Auto Populated Electronic Restocking Orders Based on Supplier. Vendor specific reporting like Automated Share of Accounts for Tire Pro Dealers. Automatically add new products offered from ATD. ProRewards and Continental RPM Rewards


Thank You Letters New Customers Letters Service Due Reminders Customer Ranking Reports Email Condition based Letters and Label Generation Third Party Marketing Support o CarFax o BayIQ o DemandForce o MPI o DriverSide o and Many Other Regional Specific Companies

Integrated Accounting

Accounts Receivable o Paper Statements o Electronic Statements o Unlimited Terms Set-up Accounts Payable o 1099 o Unlimited Payment Terms Set-up o Item Due and Cash Flow Analysis Checkbook Writing o Memorized Disbursement o Manual Checks o Single Check by User Permission o Checkbook Reconciliation General Ledger o Multiple Location o Multiple Corporations Payroll o Time Clock o Federal Tax Forms W2’s, W3’s, 941, 941B o State Fax forms DE9, DE9B, Worker’s Comp o Deposit Requirements o Important Reminders o Supports Direct Deposit o Advances Both Cash Advance and Check Written o Paid Sick Leave Tracking o Holiday and Vacation Tracking o Garnishment o Cafeteria Plans o Retirement o Commission and Efficiency Tracking o Tech and Split Technician Tracking o Sold by Tracking o Service Writer Tracking o Outside Sales Representative Tracking Sales Reporting o Daily Sales with Cash Box Reconciliation o Automated Daily Sales Reports to Key Employee Viewable On Most Smart Phones o Advanced Business Analysis Tools with Budgeting o Sales and Customer Ranking Reports o Sales Tax o Geographic Sales Analysis o Pay Method Reporting

Update Anytime and Peace of Mind

Updates are made frequently and can be easily applied when convenient Automated backup each night Your business data is under your complete control Easy access from most devices: Windows based, Mac, IPhone, Android, Tablets, Linux, Ubuntu
(Over 15 years)