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Simply Genius Users

Please download and apply the latest update with a date of 1/2/24 or after. The update date can be found at the bottom left side of the screen below the Logout button and immediately under “Version”. If you need to apply an update on the Simply Genius Console screen click download when the download is completed and all users are out of Simply Genius then select apply update. After the update has been applied then go to Accounting (you will need to have permissions settings for this access), then select Set 2024 tax tables. Please note that you may need to call to authorize this update. To purchase this update please click here: Purchase 2024 Tax Tables You will be credited if charged for the payroll update if this is already included in your monthly support. You can also click on the Help us Improve Simply Genius button and submit a support request.

Auto Genius Users

Please download and apply the 2024 Payroll Update (click here) and select run or open. If save is the only option then save the file and open where the file was saved to. To purchase the payroll update, if not yet purchased, purchase payroll update (click here). To request a payroll serial key, please include in the comments section your full business name as it appears at the top of the top center of the Auto Genius start menu screen. Please click here to submit this request. 2024 Payroll Tax Update (click here) available for Auto Genius.